Quincy Jones is a lucky man as he shares rare pic with his 6 daughters who look so much like him

Mar 26, 2018
04:07 A.M.
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- AmoMama brings you a lovely Instagram upload by Quincy Jones of his six lovely daughters.


- The veteran with his upload has set a pace for others who seemingly don’t see a blessing in what they’ve got.

- His upload comes with lovely words for his girls and for women world over.


Veteran Oprah Winfrey is credited as saying;

‘Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough.’

One man who has much but without the virtue of gratitude will think to have little or nothing is Quincy Jones.

The American record producer and actor is the proud father of six children and interestingly, they are all females.

His life is surrounded by beautiful women and he has come to acknowledge and appreciate this rare gift.


The 85-year old recently made a rare upload of all his queens in a throwback photo in which he featured with his large family.

In the upload, the family was dressed in the similar fashion of white shirt over a pair of black pants and skirts.

The upload which is a tribute to the International Women’s Day has the veteran standing in the midst of ten members of his immediate and extended family.


His mobile upload comes with a lengthy caption in which he revealed how proud and amazed he is by his lovely girls with the statement;

‘To say I'm proud of my six daughters would be an absolute understatement...These girls (now women) never cease to amaze me with how brilliant, kind, creative, & perseverant they are.’


He further acknowledged their resilience and commitment to greatness in spite of obscurity by saying;

‘In each of their respective fields, they continue to push forward, despite the external voices that tell them they aren't good enough, or forces that try to keep them down...& as we all know, unfortunately there are many.’

He appreciated every woman who has achieved the great feat in their various field of endeavour and he also made a bold statement that,

‘women are 13 years smarter than we are…’


On a final note, Quincy encourages women all over the world who are ‘underestimated’ as he finds them a positive in this misfortune.

‘Your voice matters & if anyone tells you otherwise...just remember the power of being underestimated. If they overestimate you, they get in your way, but if they underestimate you, they get out of your way...’

What are your thoughts about Quincy’s family and his kind words?

Source: Instagram.