13 secrets about 'What not to wear' you probably never knew

Mar 26, 2018
09:42 A.M.

Very few know about these surprising inside scoop from the set of the popular reality television program.


What Not To Wear was many people's favorite television program that ran from 2003 till 2013. People enjoyed fashion advice and loved watching people have a shocking makeover in a matter of hours.

According to Shared, although the show was a popular one, there are several secrets associated to the show that very few people know about, and the members of TV show would definitely want it to stay that way.

The source revealed the following thirteen secrets from the set of the famous show and people who brought the show to life:

1. Clinton and Stacy never truly interact much

The banter between the duo is one of the highlights of the show. But it was revealed that the two of them never really spent time together outside of the program shoot because of the format of the show.

2. Everything is custom-tailored

Everything that the contestant buys in a store is already tailored to fit them perfectly rather than it being a thing of good luck.

3. They shot for hours and hours into the night

The program is only 43 minutes long. But a participant revealed that they actually shot for the entire nights as they had to shoot, re-shoot, and also take behind-the-scenes footage for a single episode.


4. Contestant don't get all the money

Viewers see each contestant getting $5,000 each for a shopping spree. But a contestant revealed on Reddit that much of it went in taxes and for tailoring expenses.

5. Contestants understood their own psychology better

During the episodes, many people realized that they were suffering from body anxiety and figured that their poor clothing choices were rooted in deeper psychological issues.


6. Clinton still keeps in touch

Clinton is in contact with most of the contestants from the show, which almost 350 over the years. However, he isn't on speaking terms with two women with whom he got into a fight with.

7. Clothes were donated

All the clothes that were trashed by Stacy and Clinton and those not reclaimed by the contestants ended up being donated to charity.

8. Behind-the-scene staffs were the biggest support

People who didn't even appear on screen - the stylists and personal shoppers - were often the greatest friends and supporters of the contestants.

9. Contestants are kept in a hotel to avoid interference

The producers don't want the contestants to be holding on to the clothes they like as the crew rifle through the closet to throw the clothes out, so they are kept in a separate hotel.

10. Hosts didn't really listen to anyone

One of the major complaints about the show has been that the hosts barely listen to the fashion-related concerns of the contestants before giving their opinion.


11. Stacy has currently blocked Clinton

Clinton discovered to his dismay that Stacy has blocked him on Twitter, but he has no idea why they are having a fight.

12. Contestants claimed to have a confidence-boost

Despite the ups and downs of the show, many contestants have admitted that, following the end of the show, they have always felt more confident about their overall way of life.

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