Nikki Bella shares touching photos with John Cena as he attends his prom all these years later

John Cena was in for a surprise as he went to The Ellen DeGeneres show and Nikki Bella shared the experience on Instagram.

The wrestling superstar never got to attend his prom and on Friday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres, he said that he was too busy working so he wasn’t able to go to the high school rite of passage.

In a report from Daily Mail, Ellen then planned to give the 40-year-old a prom that he never experienced himself.

It included a king and queen photo with his fiancee wrestler and reality star, Nikki Bella. John was totally surprised.

“I hate surprises, but this one I like!”

John further narrated on why he missed out the school event.

“I went to boarding school and it was a co-ed boarding school, so I kind of saw these people all year anyway, and I was dead broke. I had the chance to stay on campus and earn some money, so I didn’t go to prom.”

The actor also went on Wednesday’s Project to talk about his latest film, Blockers, but he ended giving more details about missing out on prom night. He told interviewer Julia Vogl that he will disappoint her so much.

“So, I had an option of going to prom night or, because I lived at school, I had the option to work on campus, so I spent the night working on campus to put some extra money in my pocket. I missed out on the night of the life.”

It seems as though John has made up for lost time. He admitted that years later, he “kind of made up for it.” He talked about his film, which is about a trio of parents that tried to hijack their kid’s plans to lose their virginity on prom night. He acknowledged that it made fatherhood enticing.

“If anything, it’s made me more interested and I can understand the view from both sides of the fence – I certainly understand it from an adolescent [point of view]. I was the one shaking my fist at my dad saying, ‘you don’t know anything’ and having to find out he was right about everything.”

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