'The Good Doctor' finale plot sparked a string of comments from fans

Some television shows are known for marking a generation, but there are also moments, or fads, that seem to find a place in history; ones that should be forgotten.

The Good Doctor, the show that has been gathering mixed reviews since it premiered on September 25, 2017, recently aired its season finale, and the subject approached surprised some people.

The episode focused on a teen, played by Donnie MacNeil, who first seemed to be drunk but, as it turned out, he had swallowed a Tide Pod, as reported by Pop Culture.

The doctors were told by the teen's friend that he had had a lot to drink, which was why he appeared inebriated. Since the young man also had a concussion, the doctors fixed his broken ankle without any anesthesia.

When surgery went wrong, Alex, played by Will Yun Lee, asked the patient's friend for the truth. Upon learning that the teen had consumed a considerable quantity of laundry detergent, as well as drugs, the medical team was forced to act fast.

According to the source, during the episode, Dr. Shaun Murphy, the main character of the show, portrayed by Freddie Highmore, made a crucial mistake that could have cost the young man's life.

The suspenseful episode ended with Murphy meeting Dr. Andrews, his superior, to confess his mistake, leaving audiences wondering whether the good doctor would be fired or not.

As reported by Pop Culture, fans were very surprised with the theme of the episode. Tide Pods were used in a challenge that went viral on social media a couple of months ago, in winter.

Hundreds of teens and adults would submit videos of themselves ingesting the laundry detergent pods. The problem is that the packs are highly poisonous and Tide had to issue a statement asking people not attempt the stunt.

Websites like Youtube and Instagram were on red alert regarding the fad and removed a good amount of these video submissions in order to dissuade people from copying them.

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