Tori Spelling looks scarily tired at recent public outing sparking health issues discussion

Lately, news of Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott have been all over the internet especially after Spelling’s breakdown that had her husband call the police to the couple’s home in L.A. The two seemed to put their differences away for their children’s birthdays, but recent photos show that they are yet to get through this rough patch.

As Radar reports, Spelling and McDermott were spotted having lunch with their kids in Calabasas, California, but they did not seem very happy. They looked too tired too, which leads speculations to the health of their relationship. Mom, Spelling, was being hands-on, cutting the children’s food and escorting them to the washroom when they needed to go, while Dean sat oblivious, eating his food and ignoring his wife. When she wasn’t helping the kids, Spelling, who was dressed casually and wore minimal make-up, was staring into space, lost in thought.

It’s been a tough year so far for the reality couple as they go through episodes of fights which were crowned by Spelling’s famous breakdown. Friends say that she went through periods of not eating, something that had the family worried.

Insiders have said that the couple is on the brink of a divorce. We hope they will do what is best for their beautiful family and also for themselves.

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