Dad lines up dogs like 3 guilty children. Little pests know that they are to blame

Raising dogs could be like a practice before having children, as they need a lot of care and supervision while also being really good at causing unexpected trouble.

While dogs can be a disaster for a household, the fact that they can feel guilt when they've done something wrong is completely amazing.

Examples as the infamous Denver the Guilty Dog, who “smiled” when she got into the cat treats, giving herself away, are common on the Internet.

According to Liftable, dealing with multiple dogs isn't easy, as they often play off one another and get into even more trouble together.

One family, who recently shared a recording of an incident that took place in their home, completely understood this 'the more the merrier, but the more the naughtier,' formula shared by the media outlet.

Greg and Jennifer Bannon came home one evening to find that their three dogs got into the garbage and left a trail of chewed-up trash across the kitchen and living room.

Jennifer recorded while her husband assessed the crime scene. Paper plates with chewed-out holes, trash, and debris were scattered around.

Greg lined up all three dogs, Maggie, Elie, and Ace, asking each one if they had something to do with it. Sitting in resigned silence, neither of them faced the consequences, but their faces were enough.

“What happened in the kitchen while we were gone? We leave for just a little while, and you all have to be in the trash. It makes no sense whatsoever," he said.

Maggie and Ellie sat down, but Ace looked completely ashamed, with his ears held at the side of his head while looking nervously at the couple.

Greg also called them into the living room and the dogs trotted there with lowered heads. Ellie dragged her heels while looking back at Jennifer, as Ace and Maggie obediently walked over to Greg and bowed their heads.

“It’s terrible. Should I whoop you? Alright, go on,” Greg said.

When he finally released the dogs, they jumped into their normal behaviors, wagging and prancing. Ellie even checked up on Maggie while they quickly escaped the scene.

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