She is 'too big' to get pregnant, doctors say. But couple learned a miracle baby was on the way

She will go against the wind in the company of her husband to achieve the two’s most desired dream of becoming parents. They are sharing their process with millions on TV.

Hayleigh and her husband Bryan are a couple like one you surely won’t walk into every day. They are probably something you have never heard of, and they fought every negative prognostic to realize their biggest dream.

As Faith Tap reported, Hayleigh, who comes from a family of remarkably tall people, naturally grew to be a 6’7 woman. She is uncommonly tall, but considering her mother stands at 6,2, is nothing to be surprised about.

Bryan, on the other hand, is a man of average height, measuring 5’8. When they walk together hand in hand they are really a sight to behold. The uniqueness of this couple has attracted the interest of the media, with a reality TV show telling their story.

Hayleigh and Bryan have starred on TLC’s My Giant Life, where they have shared with the viewers how her unusual height affects their marriage and how they struggle to lead a regular life despite the difficulties they face.

In the case of Hayleigh, her height was always a cause of concern for doctors when it came to considering her possibility to become pregnant. At least five obstetricians assured Hayleigh and her husband that she wasn’t able to conceive naturally.

The exceptionally tall woman had over 70 cysts covering her reproductive system, and her uterus was misshapen, making a successful pregnancy by her own means most unlikely.  This was something very hard for Hayleigh to hear, as she always dreamed of giving birth.

Devastated as they were by knowing this, the couple’s first year of marriage was a very difficult one, as they also had to go through financial problems. But after the two of them moved to Cleveland, Tennesse, it seems that the change of location did them well.

Hayleigh and Bryan had lost any hope of bringing a new life to this world, and she worried that her husband was not going to be able to cope with the disappointment for her impossibility to conceive and might wanted to leave her.

Fortunately, she was wrong about it, and Bryan stood by her side. And then, when least expected, having found a much more peaceful way of live in their new city, Hayleigh and Bryan learned that they were expecting a child. Doctors were as shocked as them.

It was considered a high-risk pregnancy, but the couple decided to go for it, taking all the measures for Hayleigh to safely deliver her ‘miracle baby.’ Complications certainly came near the eighth month of pregnancy, with the baby being already twice the average size.

In the most recent episode of My Giant Life, the soon-to-be parents go visit the doctor for Hayleigh’s last ultrasound. Apparently, the doctor noticed something that made him worry, but there is nothing clear until he can take a closer look at the growing baby.

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