Jessica Simpson causes a wave of criticism after sharing a photo of her rather large lips

The singer continues to receive major backlash about her lips and recently, as she posted a new selfie, followers are once again criticizing her.

Jessica Simpson shared a duck-faced snap on her Instagram to her 4.1 million followers. She often shares fitness updates with her fans but this time, instead of being happy the fans were not happy with her looks. Pop Culture has the scoop.

Wearing a pair of Gucci sunglasses and a San Francisco 49ers as well as a sweatshirt from her own athleisure line, The Warmup, the 37-year-old was questioned about her lips again.

She asked her followers about their steps for the day but they responded by commenting on her lips. Most fans have previously criticized her physical appearance, particularly her lips, because it looked like injections that have gone wrong.

This time, some of the comments included:

“You look ridiculous.”

“The lips… everything else yes! Lol.”

“Good now leave those lips alone.”

“Yes, she’s a very good looking person but what’s up with the liiiiiiips in every picture?”

“What’s up with her mouth?”

“Nice but the lip pose screwed it all up.”

One fan asked why she’s pouting in the picture, someone answered her and said, “She’s not pouting, that’s what her face/mouth does now because of all the fillers and injections.”

Another individual told her to “please stop with the lip injections. You were prettier before.” However, some fans stood by her and thought that she looked beautiful and perfect. Others also defended her lips and said that she “still have the best lips out there.”

Give us your thoughts on Jessica Simpson’s lips in the comment section below!

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