Officer tells woman to open her trunk. But he doesn't realize she’s recording him

This woman was instantly panicked when she saw the police officer pulling her over, but was surprised by what happened next. 

Chy-Niece Thacker was on her way to a job interview one day when she suddenly saw blue lights flashing in her rearview mirror asking for her to pull over. She was immediately stressed at the thought of having to deal with a police officer. 

As reported by Bored Daddy, Thacker quickly pulled over, and started getting her paperwork together as the officer walked over to her car. 

She knew that she had not been speeding, and that she had used her turning signals correctly, and couldn't quite understand why she was being pulled over. 

But when Officer Jenkins arrived next to her car, he was not at all aggressive toward her. He calmly told her that her brake lights were out. Thacker thought she was going to get a fine and have to deal with repair costs, but what he said next was completely unexpected. 

Thacker had replaced her brake lights just a month prior, and explained to Jenkins that Firestone had wanted to charge her a ridiculous $600 just to run a test on the car's wiring. 

Jenkins gave her a look that indicated that he agreed that was an exorbitant amount of money, and told Thacker to pop the trunk. 

He checked the lights inside the trunk, and tapped them to no avail. Then he asked her to pop the hood, and checked the relay box, asking her to keep an eye on the lights to make sure they were coming on. 

“He could have easily given me a ticket, but Officer Jenkins stepped out of officer role and into mechanic role to make sure I was straight,” Thacker said of the officer's wonderful actions. 

Thacker was incredibly grateful that rather than punishing her for something it would have been difficult for her to have known about in the first place, he had stepped up to help her. 

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