Hero dog takes rattlesnake bite for 7-year-old girl. People say thanks

A dog is indeed man’s best friend, a point proved right once again.

According to AWM, a family adopted a two-year-old German shepherd after they lost their longtime friend.

Donya DeLuca knew her family was missing something. After their long-time family dog had died, she needed a dog in her home.

The new animal could bring joy and happiness to their family again. She decided to adopt a two-year-old German shepherd from a local rescue organization.

Donya named him Haus without realizing that he would go on to become a hero and save the life of her seven-year-old daughter and the child’s grandmother.

Though hesitant at first, Donya’s husband agreed to adopt Haus. If he could have seen the future, he would never have been skeptical.

Their old family dog had been with them for 13 years. Donya could not pass up the chance to rescue Haus.

As soon as Haus came home, the family’s doubts were all erased. The fantastic animal quickly became part of the family.

Donya said, “He just bonded with all of us so quickly. It was like he was always part of our home. Even the neighbors took to him. It was meant to be.”

He was also protective of the children. He would follow them around and take care of them. Haus, Donya thought, was a good choice after all.

However, never in their wildest dreams did the members of the family guessed that Haus’ protective skills would save the life of their daughter. 

A rattlesnake had appeared in the yard and it went to attack seven-year-old Molly and the child’s grandmother. Haus did not let that happen.

Donya revealed that Haus was like a nanny to her children. He would sweep the yard or check everything when he went out. 

He stood his ground and continued to charge though he was up against a large, venomous snake. He was a hero and saved Molly and her grandmother from the potential deadly snake.

While he was busy protecting his family, the snake bit Haus three times. Authorities said that it was an Eastern diamondback rattlesnake, some of the most dangerous snakes in the United States.

Haus sacrificed himself for the child and her grandmother. The family rushed him to the local animal hospital.

Doctors there decided to use an “unorthodox” approach and placed him on an anti-venom drip. It worked.

Donya said, “It’s semi-miraculous.” He flicked his tail every time he saw Donya or any other family member come into his kennel though he was still suffering. 

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