Rescuers saw exhausted dog and helped her pups. Dog's reaction was something they didn't expect

Those who have taken care of dogs with puppies know that they can be very unpredictable if they believe someone is going to hurt them.

That’s why members of the Villalobos Rescue Team Center in New Orleans got prepared when they went on a mission to get a dog who had just given birth to four puppies and was badly neglected.

As soon as the team got to the house where they were informed the dogs lived, they saw a black pitbull wandering on the streets. She was nothing like they had expected as she basically ran to them asking for help.

When the rescuers put a collar around her neck and gave them their love, she led them to the house her puppies were. They later discovered that the owner of the dogs was in jail and that someone else was taking care of them.

They asked the man to please give them the puppies because it was clear that he was not providing a good care, but he refused to do it and basically shut the door in front of them.

The team had to get back to the station without the puppies but managed to take the mother dog with them. At that point, they knew they had to ask for a legal authorization to get the little ones.

Soon after that, they got back to the house with the authorization and the man had no other option than to give away the puppies. They noticed that two of them seemed to be healthy but the other two looked malnourished.

They immediately took them to their mother and the reunion was just marvelous. Thanks to the kind action of the Villalobos Rescue Team Center, all five dogs are healthy and ready to be adopted.

So far, it is not known if they sued the man who was supposed to take care of them. The truth is that he sure learned a good lesson.

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