Man films the sudden moment a cute little fox stole a wallet and the intense chase that followed

Anyone who thought those old tales about sly Br'er Fox were just bedtime stories is in for a big surprise

American children grew up with the traditional Uncle Remus stories about Br'er Fox, Br'er Bear, and Br'er Rabbit, and most would have supposed there was little or no truth to those tall tales.

So, for most, the folk tales about sly and cunning Br'er Fox with his eye on the main chance, always ready to con or steal from the unwary were just that: Tall tales, legends, bed-time stories.

Now posted a video on the 26th of March that has exploded that concept. The stories were no myth, they were all true, and the proof is in a video, live and in full color.

Somewhere in urban Britain, a besotted and unwary animal lover spotted the cutest looking fox ever. The lovely animal was shyly nosing around the streets of a residential neighborhood when the man approached it, phone in hand to film it.

"Just because these here tales is about critters like Br'er Rabbit an' Br'er Fox, that don't mean they ain't the same like can happen to folks!"

Uncle Remus, Legends of the Old Plantation,1886. 

The red fox sniffed timidly, and the man set down his belongings to better capture the moment on camera. The fox stepped close, slowly, hesitant with every indication of being afraid of this human who was capturing his every move. 

Then suddenly, quick as lightning, the shy fox transformed into sly Br'er Fox and stole the poor guy's wallet right from under his nose.

Lulled into a sense of false security, unaware he was facing the most cunning of thieves the man took a moment to realize what was happening before giving chase. 

He ran after the darting scarlet tail, desperate to get his hands on his precious property but to no avail. Watch the video, and see the end of the tale of Br'er Fox and the great wallet heist.

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