Rob Kardashian's incredible weight loss: he reportedly dedicates it to one special person

He hopes to transform his life and be a better person for this individual.

According to an article published by Inquisitr, sources close to Rob Kardashian revealed that he has been focused on improving the quality of his life and health.

Followers were thrilled to catch a glimpse of Rob’s physical transformation when Khloe posted a picture of him looking fit.

Rob has been through a difficult phase in his personal life recently, apart from his struggle with type 2 diabetes and weight issues.

Anonymous sources revealed that it took a while for Rob to muster the courage to cut all ties with people who were a negative influence on his health and well-being, This included his ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna.

The model and entrepreneur broke up with Rob, and he now sees it as a blessing. However, his urge to transform his life has reportedly nothing to do with her.

The insider shared that Rob was now focused on his daughter Dream and his own health. He has been doing everything he can to ensure that he is healthy and wants to be the best version of himself for Dream.

The 31-year-old had previously been warned about his toxic relationship with Chyna, and while he ignored their advice for a long time, he has finally taken their words seriously.

Close sources stated that Rob had decidedly walked away from the drama of the bad relationship. This has eased out the tension between him and the Kardashian family members.

Rob is now happy to be focusing on becoming a better individual for Dream, who was described as a wakeup call.

Reports are that the star has been taking fitness seriously and has given up on fast food to adopt a healthier combination of diet and exercise.

The results of the new lifestyle are already visible, as Rob appears to have lost a lot of weight.
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