Baby born early. Then nurse made tiny capes for him and other premature babies

Although it might look like simple, silly gift, for many of these couples, this is the only uplifting thing they have to hold on to.

Michelle Campbell and Chris Korres were a happy couple, but they had to withstand spending nearly a week at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal.

According to Liftable, their son, Benjamin, who was born on March 10, 2017, was two months premature and needed supervised medical attention while getting stronger.

One day Campbell and Korres were going to visit Benjamin in the NICU, and soon after their arrival, Campbell spotted something new.

A small cape with a Superman-style letter “B” hung beside Benjamin, and when Campbell discovered the little note on it, she immediately burst into tears.

According to CTV News, the homemade cape was hanging from an IV pole beside Benjamin’s bed along with a message.

'To our little Superhero, love Stephanie T,' the note said.

During a phone interview with the same outlet, Campbell explained that she and her husband had no idea who Stephanie T. was or why she had made the touching gift for their son.

After asking around the department, the couple discovered that Stephanie Treherne was one of the hospital’s nurses and worked right there in the NICU.

“We were very surprised that one of the nurses that we haven’t even worked with or seen or anything yet had left that,” Campbell said.

Treherne worked at the hospital for about a year before she was inspired by a conference that showed a picture of a baby in a superhero cape, as she thought that was a perfect representation of premature babies.

She said she tries to make capes for as many babies as possible, but most of the time she only manages to make them for the ones that have been staying in the hospital for a week or more.

Campbell scheduled a photo shoot for Benjamin soon after he was able to go home. In those pictures, the main accessory he wore was, of course, Treherne’s cape.

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