Boy who slipped out of a window and disappeared in 2016 found dead only 6 miles away

It is always sad when children go missing, especially for their families, who get worried sick not knowing whether they are well, or even alive for that matter.

Jesse Wilson, a 10-year-old boy from Sundance, Arizona, which is located west of Phoenix, went missing on July 18, 2016, leading the Buckeye Police Department to launch a massive search operation.

Unfortunately, despite the police's best efforts and means, such as K-9 units, they weren't able to locate him. On March 28, 2018, his remains were found, as reported by People.

A Buckeye municipal employed was wandering around an area near State Route Highway 85 and Broadway Road when he noticed the skeleton laying in between some bushes.

A team of forensics was called and the remains were taken for analysis. Tamela Skaggs, a Buckeye police detective, confirmed that the skeleton belonged to little Jesse.

According to the source, the authorities described the case as a 'homicide investigation,' and it will continue to be one of their top priorities. No suspects have been named yet, but no one shall be ruled out.

At the time, the Buckeye authorities believed that Jesse had slipped out of his bedroom through his window, having then disappeared in the night. His remains were found six miles away from his house.

Jesse's mother, Crystal Wilson, was notified, but she had been out of the state for quite a while. She said that her son was very 'bright and energetic,' as well as a caring young man loved by those who knew him.

As reported by People, while Crystal was not a suspect back then, the truth is that her other children were taken away from her and placed in foster care after Jesse's disappearance.

Neighbors, who are yet to be identified, claimed that the children would often knock on doors asking for food, appearing to be quite malnourished.

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