The tragedy of 'Pioneer Woman' whose relative was found dead in a hotel in 2012

Some people are so important to others that it doesn’t matter how many years pass after their death, they are always remembered with love and affection.

That’s the case of Mark Wilson Anderson, 60, who was found dead by the staff of the Days Inn, located in Buckeye, Arizona, in June 2012. Anderson died in his room weeks after he was reported missing by Holly Drummond, Ladd and Ree Drummond’s cousin.

According to Radar Online, the man suffered many mental issues, including psychotic episodes, depression, bipolar tendencies, and paranoia. He owned a comedy club in Oklahoma City and lived with his wife in the same place.

While many people thought that he committed suicide, the truth is that the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s office revealed he died in a ‘natural’ way.

He suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage, also known as bleeding of the brain. Apart from that, he got arteriovenous malformation, which is a condition where blood vessels become tangled.

During the time Anderson went missing and his body hadn't been found yet, Ree and her family admitted to being desperate to locate him as they knew that his mental problems could put his life in danger.

His condition was so severe that he usually imagined things that were not real and made up stories wherein he was the victim. Holly confessed that he thought he was in great danger as he believed she had been killed and replaced by an actress.

The family was so worried about him that they even hired a private investigator to find him but it was too late as he was found dead a couple of days after that.

Despite the fact Ree, best known for The Pioneer Woman, wrote an entire book listing and describing the tragedies her family had to endure throughout their lives, she chose not to mention Anderson’s death in it.

That situation was so tough and unusual that even now, almost 6 years later, people are commenting on it and sending them their words of support.

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