Mom warns others about tying your hair back after being scalped by car

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 02, 2018
08:46 A.M.
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Several people have thought of many ways to save as much money as possible. When they have four children to feed and bills to pay, saving money is a must.


That’s what Alon Abare was thinking when she noticed that her car had a weird sound and tried to fix it herself. It was one of the worst decision she has made in her entire life, though.

As reported by Share Tap, she turned on her car, popped the hood and was trying to see where the sound came from. As she approached her head closer to the engine, it trapped her long hair and the nightmare began.

Even though she wasn’t sure what was happening, she started screaming as the pain was almost unbearable. Only 30 seconds later, two of her four children rushed to the garage and helped her.

One of them hopped in the car to turn it off while the other one cut her hair with a pair of scissors she brought from the house. Abare was immediately taken to the hospital where they learned that the incident could have killed her.


Since the injury was so bad, the surgeons had to remove a big piece of her scalp, which left a big scar that she chooses to hide with a wig. According to her, it makes her feel good as people believe everything is normal.

Her doctor pointed out that they were still waiting for the scar to heal in order to make the transplant surgery to put some hair there and make her look as she used to.


Ironically, she was trying to save money by not taking her car to the mechanics, but she ended up spending much more money in medical bills, medicines, and the rest of the supplies she needed.

As a way to prevent others, other mothers shared some pieces of advice. One of them was to pull their hair back whenever they would work with their vehicles, regardless if it would be for just a short period of time.

The second recommendation was to put their hands back, so they don’t interfere with the sight and don’t get trapped anywhere. Finally, they said that the best thing to do was turning the engine off even before popping the hood.