Here's what may happen to your body if you don't take a shower every day

Apr 03, 2018
02:34 A.M.
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Bathing is practiced a daily ritual for more than one reason.


Showering every day may have become a mindless ritual for many, however, avoiding a shower may have effects on the body that are more severe than body odor, as reported by AWM.

Dead skin forms a layer:

Bathing provides exfoliation that is critical to healthy, clean and clear skin. One of the immediate consequences of not taking a shower for a few days is the forming of a layer of dead skin.

This layer clogs the pores of the skin, makes it look darker and unclean.

Grease develops on the skin:

With the lack of a proper cleansing routine, particles of dirt that settle on the skin remain unremoved and eventually create a layer of grease. This grease is best avoided by an appropriate cleansing routine with soap and water.


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Germ-related problems:

Although it is normal for skin to host germs, going without bathing for a few days multiplies the quantity in which they settle, leaving the skin prone to inflammations, fungi, Petri dish or severe infection.

Although these problems might begin gradually, they can develop to severe skin diseases without appropriate medical care.

Rashes across the body:

Uncleaned areas of skin that are infested with germs or are often covered with sweat are extremely vulnerable to painful rashes. These can be extremely uncomfortable, causing a strong itching sensation.


Eyes and Ears:

While germs on different parts of the body can eventually lead to infections, the most delicate and most affected areas are the eyes and ears.

An infection of the eyes or ears can cause severe illness and calls for immediate medical attention.

Plaques on the skin:

If your skin is not given the exfoliation it needs, the dead skin will begin to accumulate. Overaccumulation of dead skin cells can lead to the formation of small plaques on the skin. This condition is known as dermatitis neglecta.


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Feet problems:

Avoiding showers for a few days will prompt the growth of fungus between your toes, and will also fill up in the nails of your toes. This can dangerously lead to a severe infection.

Dandruff and oily-looking hair:

Just like unwashed skin becomes greasy, the scalp becomes oily, too. Not washing the scalp often leads to dandruff problems.