Mom 'begged' doctor to examine her further, found a brain tumor, after she's told it's menopause

It is important to consider that, while doctors are extremely skilled professionals, it's impossible to trust them blindly.

Accoring to Shared, it's not that most doctors are uneducated, but that they're in a rush to see the next patient.

Although it's important to feel safe around doctors, this mindset could generate too many misdiagnoses, and someone wil pay for it.

For Karen Yardley, diagnosing herself wasn't something she was prepared to do, but she had no choice after she went to visit her doctors.

Although she complained of migraines, insomnia, fatigue, and mood swings  to several different doctors, she didn't get a proper diagnosis.

The same outlet revealed that the only answer she got was that she was going through menopause, but the pain got worse, to the point that she was given anti-depressants to help with her 'menopausal symptoms.'

“I was coming up to 50 and just took doctors at their word when they said I was going through the menopause. But my symptoms got worse and worse. It felt like no one was listening to me - I felt unheard and lonely," she told Daily Mail.

She also explained that her children were too worried about her, and while she tried to hide it, she lost sight and her life changed dramatically.

"I couldn’t see properly and had flashes in front of my eyes, so couldn’t pick them up from school in the car anymore. I couldn’t see well enough to do my crosswords puzzles," she said.

She couldn’t walk properly, as her legs felt so heavy. She also had cluster headaches and a constant terrible neck pain.

Karen couldn't handle it anymore and started to feel desperate, to the point that she begged her doctors to investigate more.

After visiting a neurologist, who too an MRI scan, they discovered a gold ball-sized brain tumor by her right optic nerve, and although it was quickly removed, she ended up traumatized for this journey.

Currently Karen is sharing her story to raise awareness about brain tumor symptoms, trying to encourage women to 'trust their gut' when they feel something is wrong.

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