Little boy goes to ER thinking he has a pencil in his ear. But doctor finds a battery

Apr 03, 2018
03:08 A.M.
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The ear is a sensitive and an important organ of the body.


According to Jumble Joy, a boy was taken to a hospital when he said he had a pencil stuck in his ear, but the truth was something else.

The parents were state of shock when their child told them that he had a piece of a pencil inside his ear. 

Lewis King told his family that he had stuck a pencil in his ear and then the pencil broke leaving a piece still left in his ear.

However, the little boy did not tell his family immediately after the incident. He waited one week before revealing it to his family.

Doctors were concerned because the situation could be more serious than they thought. The fact that a week had passed, did not make it easy for the doctors.


Dr. Philip Russell said that the worst that could happen is that a deep-rooted infection could affect his hearing balance, coordination and if left long enough the boy could even go deaf with it.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the doctor did not pull out a pencil out of Lewis’ ear. The little boy had stuck to his story and even went so far as to describe the size of the pencil.


Dr. Russell pulled out a watch battery. The job was more difficult than what he thought earlier. The doctor took another look to make sure there was nothing else in the ear.

Though the battery was out of the ear, it is not all good news for the family. The incident had damaged Lewis’ eardrum. 

He went on to explain to the little boy’s grandmother, Sheila Lewis, who had accompanied him to the hospital that the eardrum cannot be repaired by them,

It is much like the skin and should grow back naturally in six weeks. However, how the battery went into his ear remains a mystery as little Lewis did not reveal it to anyone.