ABC silent as pressure mounts for Joy Behar to apologize for her anti-Christian comments

Apr 03, 2018
07:33 A.M.
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The host of the popular show has been constantly on the pressure to apologize, but the television network remains silent.


The television network ABC has not yet made any statement on Joy Behar's anti-Christian comments as she is being constantly pressurized to apologize for his actions.

According to Meaww, the host of The View, Joy Behar, got herself into the controversy and widespread criticism when she attacked U.S. Vice President Mike Pence's faith.

Behar allegedly commented on her show, "It's one thing to talk to Jesus, and it's another thing when he talks back to you. That's called mental illness if I'm not wrong."


The host has always been known for speaking her mind, the source suggested, but her remarks on Pence was not taken lightly by the Christian followers.

Several Christians took offense with her statement and many immediately asked the host to make an on-air apology. However, the television network has not made any effort to pressurize the host for an apology.

Bob Iger, the head of Disney, later revealed that Behar had already called the U.S. Vice President Pence, and made a direct apology.

According to the online source, Iger's statement came when he was pressurized by an angry shareholder to make Behar apologize.


Later, a White House source also revealed that Behar called the Vice President and offered a personal apology.

“She apologized to the Vice President, he accepted and said he wasn’t offended by her comment for his own sake but on behalf of the millions of Christians who watch ABC and her show," the source told.

Vice President Pence further requested Behar to make the same apology publicly on the show so that she does not hurt the Christian sentiments.

Meanwhile, Behar has not made any such apology nor have shown 'any active move towards' making an apology on her show.