Woman gave birth to a baby at 33 weeks of pregnancy, knowing that the baby died in her womb

Apr 03, 2018
07:19 P.M.
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The love a mother experiences is completely unique and couldn't be compared to any other kind of love, and the loss of a child is one of the most heartbreaking experiences a mother could ever face.


While Sara Jade and her husband, 34-year-old Tim, raised their only son, 3-year-old Arthur, they were informed that they were expecting a new child.

Although the took it like the most exciting news ever, what happened afterward shattered their hearts forever. Viralistas shared their story.

The couple enjoyed the first stages of their pregnancy, but at week 20, doctors discovered that their baby's brain wasn't developing correctly.

According to Daily Mail, Jade gave birth to son Aksel Jude at 33 weeks after he passed away in the womb following severe complications with his brain development.


When the doctors told them about this condition, Jade decided to go for an MRI scan. She was informed her son was diagnosed with a brain abnormality called Polymicrogyria.

The doctors also told Jade that Aksel's condition was so severe that he would not have been able to survive or have any quality of life outside the womb.


At 33 weeks, Aksel's heart stopped beating and Sarah went into labor before giving birth to her stillborn son early the next morning.

"I just burst out in tears at that moment. It was like my body wanted to push but my heart wanted to keep him inside of me," she said.

The couple asked photographer Lacey Barratt to capture her son's birth. From the moment she went into labor to his funeral.

"There are so many hidden stories of pregnancy loss and there are so many women that have never been validated. So by sharing stories and photographs like this, we're uniting everyone in that validation," photographer Lacey said.

Lacey claimed the story has prompted an endless stream of support from many people around the world, including women who have lost their babies.