Dolphin behaves strangely, swims in a circle. Diver approaches, sees the animal is in trouble

Apr 03, 2018
09:12 P.M.
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These smart animals often try to interact with humans and no wonder why, as they are considered the most intelligent species on earth right after humans.


Dolphins are accustomed to being around human beings, and even when they're on their natural habitat, they show a big interaction with people.

According to La Voz de la Madre Tierra, one dolphin asked for help from a lonely diver who was passing by and was able to record the ordeal.

In the video, the diver is seeing getting close to the impressive animal, who was swimming rapidly in circles underwater, showing a really weird behavior.

The truth is that this dolphin was about to be a mother, and this is the way they deliver. A body can be seen underneath the animal.


Around this magnificent animal, there were some people and other submarine animals, but she seemed to be comfortable with the process.

However, at one point of the delivery, the animal seemed to be really struggling with it, shaking herself and rubbing herself on the sand.


After that, she quickly got away swimming and a little amazing creature, just like its mother, was just being born. A beautiful spectacle.

The same outlet explained that the newborn dolphin is happy to be alive and is able to swim perfectly from the time is born.

In the video, the little dolphin can be seen playing with the mother, trying to get better at swimming, and quickly making little contacts with her.

They both kept on swimming and playing together, getting to know each other for the first time during a beautiful post-partum synchronized swimming routine.