Strangers leave waitress a $400 tip. The next day, they came back and give her $10,000

Apr 03, 2018
11:29 P.M.
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This young girl was struggling to keep her head afloat with the strain of living in the city and trying to study, until something unexpected happened. 


Cayla Chandara had big dreams that required a college education. So she moved to the Waikiki area of Hawaii to pursue her academic career. But she wasn't expecting the enormous financial strain of her location and studies. 

After a short while, Chandara was working two jobs, and had had to drop out of college in order to try and save money to go back at a later stage, reported Liftable

Chandara was balancing working at the Cheesecake Factory during the day and working in the evenings at Noi Thai Cuisine. As a result, she was never in class, and didn't have any time to complete any homework. 

She hoped that by dropping out she would be able to save up the money from working her two jobs so that she could return to school when she had some more money for her education. 


But while working one night, she made an unexpected connection. 


An Australian couple had been assigned to one of the tables in Chandara's section of Noi Thai Cuisine, and they got to chatting to the young girl about her life. 

She told them how she had wanted to continue her studies, but had been unable to pay for the cost of living in the area and her studies, and was hoping to go back at some point. 

When the couple left, Chandara was shocked to see that they had left her a $400 tip, almost double that of the cost of their meal. She desperately wanted to thank them, but they had already left the establishment. 

Fortunately, in speaking to them she had learned where they were staying. Chandara quickly penned a letter to thank them for their incredible generosity, and went to the store to buy flowers for them, which she delivered to the hotel. 


The next day, she received an even bigger surprise. The couple returned to the restaurant, and told her that they wanted to pay off Chandara's debt, balances, and the remainder of her tuition so that she could go back to school! 

Chandara felt that the gesture was far too much from the couple, but they insisted that they wanted to do this for her. 

The young girl is now back at college, where she studies business, and hopes to make the couple proud that they helped her.