Tiger Woods broke hearts as pitiful pics allegedly reveal he forgot his dad until his death

Apr 04, 2018
07:03 A.M.
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- His father, Earl Dennison Woods, died of heart attack in 2006 and his burial site is completely unmarked as if he never existed.


- Earl’s resting place is next to his parents and they do have tombstones that mark their presence.

- AmoMama has learned all the details from Radar Online.


Eldrick Tont Woods is an American professional golfer who is one of the most recognized athletes of all time and has also been one of the highest-paid athletes in the world.

Tiger was 20 years old when he turned professional in the summer in 1996 and by April 1997 he had won three PGA Tour events and the 1997 Masters.

The golfer’s father, Earl Dennison Woods, died of a heart attack back in 2006 but until today his tombstone remains unmarked.


Next to his grave site, lay the remains of Woods’ grandparents who have tombstones marking their names, birth dates, and dates of death.

The cemetery’s sexton, Mike Mohley, revealed that the family had never purchased a tombstone for Earl and the only way to find him is getting a cemetery map.

‘It is still an unmarked grave today. It’s in a nice area of the cemetery near a tree. But the only way you would know he’s there is by looking at a cemetery map.’


Mohley also revealed that the cemetery attracted a lot of visitors after Earl passed away.

‘People even called back then asking to see it. I don’t like when people ask to see Tiger’s dad’s grave. I prefer them to ask for Earl Woods’ grave.’


After Tiger went pro, Earl and Tiger’s mom, Ultida Woods, became estranged because of his womanizing ways and his house was filled with s*x toys and a lot of women.

At AmoMama, we think it’s probably better that there’s no tombstone because, at the time of his death, Tiger was so famous.

What do you think of the family not buying a tombstone?

Source: Radar Online.