Mom in a panic after 3-year-old son goes missing in cornfields. 20 hours later, they spot a leg

Apr 04, 2018
06:04 A.M.
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It was supposed to be a fun-filled Saturday but turned into one filled with panic.


Liftable reported that a family from Wisconsin along with county sheriff’s department and community members launched a search operation after a three-year-old went missing.

Dyton Logalbo was playing in his family’s backyard as his mother watched over him and gardened. However, the little one headed further away into the cornfield just beyond the yard.

His mother called out his name a number of times but did not receive a response. She then entered the stalks herself. 

Cornfields are incredibly thick and the mother could not find her three-year-old despite her attempts.


She decided to call the County Sheriff’s department for help. Thankfully, it sprang into action and organized a search immediately.

The mother soon had the assistance a team of volunteers and city fire departments, drones, rescue dogs, and two helicopters. Community members banded together to help look for Dyton.

News quickly spread through social media and more than 600 people came to help. The authorities knew where to look for the young one.


“I was relatively confident he was in the cornfield. I felt confident once we had enough personnel that we’d ultimately be able to find him,” said Sheriff Bill Greening.

He confessed that it was difficult out in the cornfield and that they had to almost step on the child to find him.

The after more than 20 hours of looking for Dyton, one volunteer stumbled upon the boy who was simply sitting down, cross-legged and scared.


Tom Andraschko, who eventually found the boy, said, “Didn’t really register how amazing it was.” He said he was glad the boy was sitting up and looked safe, though he was very scared.

The team then turned their focus to Dyton’s health. He was given water and snacks and then taken to the hospital. 

The family and sheriff’s department expressed their thanks to everyone who turned out to help. Greening said that it was amazing how the community provides care and compassion without any push or announcement for volunteers.