My side chick wants to have a kid with me but she knows I have a stable family

Manuela Cardiga
Apr 04, 2018
11:13 A.M.
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Dear AmoMama,


I guess it's unusual for a man to ask for advice, but I'm trying to deal with a woman and so I need a woman's point of view. Unfortunately, the only two women I am close to are the ones I cannot confide in: My mistress and my wife.

I have been married for close on 20 years, and coincidentally, that is about the time I've been having my affair. I met this woman shortly after I came back from my honeymoon, and the sexual attraction between us was intense and irresistible.

At that time, I didn't tell her I was married. It was supposed to be a short fling because I was - and still am - in love with my wife, I just always liked a bit of juicy fun on the side.


And this woman was HOT! After two years we were still doing it, so I bought her an apartment and we have had raunchy sweaty sex together three or four times a week, but that is all. I don't feel anything for her.

My wife and I are very happy together. She is a wonderful woman - and wealthy too - and we have three great children. Now my mistress came to me and threatens to destroy my stable and happy family life.

She says she is now 43 and she wants to have a baby before it is too late. She is demanding I father this child because I have kept her hanging on for 20 years, and she gave up on other relationships to be with me.


She tells me if I refuse to go with her to the fertility clinic she will call my wife, tell her the truth and destroy my marriage. If I do as she asks, there will be complications later on, plus I know I will stop having sex with her.

I think she is being selfish and vicious, threatening my happiness when I have always been generous with her. She says she will call the police if I hit her again, and put a video of us having sex on the internet.

How can I talk her out of this ridiculous notion? Help me, please Ladies. I don't know how to convince her to see things my way and do what I want.

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