Woman leaves generous tip at a restaurant. Next day, money from her bank account was missing

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 04, 2018
08:58 A.M.
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In most countries, tipping the server in restaurants is common. While some people might tip a bit more, 10% of the total bill is acceptable pretty much everywhere.


Whitney Anderson knew this when she, her husband, and their three children went out to have dinner at the Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant near home. The night went as expected and the final bill was $45.50.

As reported by Shareably, the family decided to leave a $10 tip for the waitress. The following morning, Anderson checked her back history and she saw that something was not right.

It said that she didn’t pay $55.50 (tip included) but $65.50. The only explanation she could think of was that the waitress wasn’t happy with the almost 25% tip she left.


Understandably angry, she went back to the restaurant and talked directly with the owner. Surprisingly, he didn’t seem concerned and refused to talk to the waitress to make her responsible for her action.

Anderson asked for the receipt, but he gave her a fraudulent customer copy. According to him, the servers of the restaurant filled out the blank customer copy of the receipt and threw the merchant copy away.


It was clear that the waitress forged a false signature and tipped herself $20 instead of $10. To make things worse, the owner told her that they would give her $10 back but only after ten business days.

After a brief investigation, she learned that it was not the first time the waitress had done the same as she had been fired from a handful of restaurants in the past for the same incident.


Anderson went to the local news station to report it and the restaurant immediately contacted her, gave her the entire bill back, and apologized for the ‘bad experience.’

She shared her story to make other people understand that it might happen to anybody. The best thing to do in such cases is filling the customer copy to avoid the server to fill it and check the account balance regularly.