April 04, 2018

Grandpa's dying wish was seeing his dog one last time and it was granted by the hospital

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Saying goodbye is probably the most difficult thing to do.

People reported that an elderly man’s dying wish came true thanks to the staff at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, Scotland.

During those last precious moments in life, people yearn to see those they care most about and let them know how much they meant to them.

It was a similar bittersweet scenario for Peter Robson of Elswick, Newcastle. 70-year-old Robson, who was suffering from fibrosis of the lungs, was hoping for any comforts from home.

He was terminally ill and his only dying wish was to see his dog, a border collie named Shep. 



His granddaughter Ashley Stevens said that Robson was a doting grandfather to five children and 35 grandchildren.

“Him and Shep became best friends. My granddad got him as a companion after my gran passed away nine years ago. We got Shep the year later, to give him company.”

Ashley Stevens, People, April 1, 2018.

The Robson family said they were “eternally grateful” to the hospital staff who made a dying man very happy by allowing a pet visitor on the premises.


Animals are generally not allowed and are granted entry under exceptional circumstances due to infection control regulations.

The family had given up hope that Robson’s wish would be granted but was happy for the hospital staff’s sensitivity and the heartwarming opportunity they provided for him on March 29, 2018.


Stevens took to Facebook to express her gratitude to the NHS staff for having going above and beyond to make her grandfather happy. She also said that Cheryl Whyte, charge nurse of Ward three, was ‘an absolute angel.’

The hospital responded to Stevens’ post on the social media site. Expressing condolences to the family for the loss of their grandfather, they hoped the visit brought a little comfort at a difficult time.

Stevens told People that Robson loved to go out with his dog and Shep too felt the same way about his master.

He is now being taken care by Robson’s son, also named Peter. Despite the tears from the past week, Stevens said that she had only happy memories of her grandfather. He was always laughing and joking and he remained that way until the end.