Snorting condom challenge: Why would someone do that?

Manuela Cardiga
Apr 05, 2018
01:28 A.M.
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It seemed that the Tide Pod Challenge was the most dangerous and irresponsible of them all, until now. 


Not so long ago, parents and health authorities were horrified to see teenagers eagerly munch down on washing-machine detergent capsules, in the dangerous Tide Pod Challenge.

The manufacturers of the Tide Pods themselves came out and explained the dangers of consuming detergents, and that it could even prove fatal. 

Now a new craze may prove to be even more dangerous: “The Condom Challenge,”  as reported by the on the 2nd of April 2018. This new trend has teens snorting up condoms through their noses, and pulling them out of their throats. 

Teens are eagerly recording themselves snorting condoms, and more often than not, choking in the attempt at replicating what looks like an amusing prank.


“There’s every possibility something you push up your nose will end up in your windpipe, or in your lungs. With potentially fatal results.”

Dr. Carol Cooper,, 2nd of April 2018

Stephen Enriquez, a health educator, has warned students and parents that snorting condoms can cause allergic reactions and choking. The latex can easily get stuck in the nasal cavity or throat, he warns.


Dr. Carol Cooper explained that the nose is connected to the back of the mouth and to the airways. The same deadly possibility of suffocating is present, just as a child who aspirates a balloon.

The principle is the same, and the outcome equally fatal. A condom drawn into a lung can only be removed surgically, at great risk to the patient.


The latex may also block the esophagus and the consequent lack of oxygen may result in severe brain damage or even brain death.

Notwithstanding the warnings, every day more clips are being uploaded onto Youtube, showing teens performing this supposedly harmless prank, risking their lives for a view or a LIKE.

The Challenges are reaching a point where inevitably some tragedy will occur, after which there will be a public outcry demanding the impossible: The regulation of the online community.

The users of the internet need to understand that the true threat to their freedom is the lack of restraint and responsibility with which they wield that very freedom.