Ladies, would you rather have a man make you dinner or take you out to dinner?

Manuela Cardiga
Apr 05, 2018
01:21 A.M.
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Dear AmoMama,


I've been cautiously dating a guy I met on an Internet dating site a few months ago, and things have been going pretty well.

We talked and we discovered we had a lot in common, then he suggested we meet for coffee - I picked an open piazza at the local mall with lots of people around, and this really cute guy showed up, and he even looked like his picture. So we sat and had a lovely chat, and it was great.

For the next two weeks we met for coffee, then we had a late breakfast at a little French Bistro on the weekend, and he introduced me all these lovely pastries.

He is a sous chef at a restaurant that does these incredible sounding exotic dishes? I've never been there, but he talks about it and it sounds lovely.


The problem is, it has been two months of coffee, breakfasts, and lunches and now he wants us to have dinner. I really like him, but I'm a little leery because he wants to cook for me at his place.

He very rarely has evenings off because of his job, and he says he wants to create something especially for me, but honestly, I'd be more comfortable in a restaurant than in his apartment, alone at night.

My instinct tells me he is a good guy, and I love his company and I find him very attractive - but I've been wrong about men before.

I like this man - a lot - and I think he may be sincere, but at the same time I feel it may be too risky walking into a situation I can't easily get out of it goes sideways. I think he will be hurt if I insist on a dinner out, and even more upset if he realizes I don't completely trust him yet.


How can I graciously handle this? Am I being too cautious? Am I paranoid? This guy has been jumping through all the hoops, should I take this chance? 

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