Jill Duggar sparks pregnancy rumors after sharing a new photo with hidden belly

On April 2, The Inquisitr broke a story of Jill Duggar’s third pregnancy. AmoMama followed up the story to bring you the full details behind the rumor.

Fans of the Duggar family are always speculating about births and counting days until the next pregnancy is announced. Even though Jill and her family are no longer on the reality show, Counting On, they are not immune to speculation. Fans are talking of a hidden baby bump, with OK! Magazine reporting that Jill is actually pregnant judging from photos seen with her family over the Easter holiday.

In the said photo, Jill is holding baby Israel and has a flowing shirt that most fans take to mean she is hiding a bump. She and other members of the Duggar family are known to keep news of their pregnancies until late and so most believe the mother of two is bidding her time.

(The above recipe was said to be 'stolen' from other sites).

This is not the first time Jill and her sister Jessa are being thought to be pregnant. The Duggar family has spawned an entire cottage industry of websites, message boards, and Facebook pages where fans share stories and speculate about potential pregnancies. These sources seem so believable with insiders spilling the beans at times, and so one would be possible to take anything coming from these sites as the truth. The fact that the ladies in the Duggar family favor free-flowing clothes to form-fitting ones also makes it easy to think that one would be pregnant.

Jill is not addressing this rumor as she is busy dealing with other things. She recently revived her website where she plans to talk all things family and youth ministry, but she recently got called out for using another blogger’s recipe and making it look like her own. It was found that most recipes the family claims to be their own are actually “borrowed” from other cookbooks. Neither Jill nor any other member of her family is giving any of these rumors attention.

Do you think Jill could be pregnant already? Let us know in comments.

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