Couple sent their wedding invitations to a wrong address. But they got back an amazing response

Apr 04, 2018
08:42 P.M.
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While most people would be too busy to handle those things with such dedication, there are people around who are more empathic than everyone else.


The stress of planning a wedding can be exhausting with that many things to do, like picking a venue, buying a dress, organizing a bridal party, ordering food, and even sending invitations.

According to Liftable, Cassandra Warren was starting to feel a little overwhelmed while planning her 200-person wedding, and it was depleting her.

But something unusual happened, she accidentally sent an invitation to a random wrong address, but the kindness of a stranger couple cheered her up during those intense weeks.

Although getting mail sent back weeks after sending it to a random location due to a simple mistake while writing in the address, that’s exactly what happened to this bride.


As she was organizing the big party and pulling together addresses for the 200 invitations she had to send out, she misnoted her aunt and uncle’s address in Eugene, Oregon.

Although most people would only send a simple 'return to sender' written across the envelope, the mystery receiver sent a message and something else tucked inside.

'I wish I knew you, this is going to be a blast. Congratulations, go have dinner on me. I’ve been married for 40 years, it gets better with age,' it said.

Inside the envelope was a $20 bill, which is enough money for a date night for the couple, and another message to the couple: 'Live long and prosper' it read, referencing Star Trek.


Neither Warren or Jones know the mystery writer, but Warren sent back a thank you card addressed to the 'Kind Stranger,' thankful for taking that much time and consideration for them.

'Thank you for the note and taking the time to send it. Not many people would have done that. It was a big blessing after the day I was having. I am thankful for people like you still being in the world,' he wrote.