Young boy picked up an old painting for $2. But then he learned its astounding true value

Apr 05, 2018
08:18 A.M.
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A young, aspiring art dealer was delightfully shocked when he realized he might have correctly analyzed a painting's importance.


A boy persisted in buying a painting at an auction, which cost him only $2. The boy had to insist to his father to buy the painting as the father did not want to wait around to get it.

According to Liftable, the young boy had somehow known that the painting was an important one. Although the painting was quite hard to see as it was protected by a UV glass, the boy was determined upon buying it.

When the boy sat beside David Weiss for a 2014 episode of the program Antiques Roadshow, he revealed how he had waited over an hour to get the painting. "We got it for two bucks," the boy told during the show.


The painting, which showed the image of a mother and her child, actually dated as far back as 1844, Weiss revealed the boy. This conclusion was reached on the basis of the 19th-century watercolor and bottom-right corner signature that belonging to the Dutch painter Albert Neuhuys.

Weiss then requested the boy to make a guess of what he thought the real price of the painting might have been. To this, the boy takes a reasonable guess of $150, the source informed.

The host then responded to the young boy by stating, " I think it's worth more than $150." The boy was completely shocked by this statement.


Weiss then further explained, “Today, if your Albert Neuhuys watercolor came to an auction, it would probably sell for between $1,000 and $1,500.”

It was then confirmed that the painting actually cost $1,498. The boy was now 'visibly shocked' as soon as the host dropped this news.

The boy, who was an aspiring art dealer, immediately understood that he was right about the painting's importance from the very beginning.