Man takes a photo of his pregnant wife. Suddenly a beautiful dolphin jumped out of the water

Apr 05, 2018
09:38 P.M.
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The couple wanted to take some nice maternity photos before she gave birth, but never could have expected the results. 


Dan and Angela had been excited to take their pre-baby photos, but were disappointed when their plans rained out. Little did they know that something even better was on the cards! 

As reported by Shared, when their plans rained out, they opted instead to take photos the following Saturday at Atlantic Beach when it was supposed to be sunny out. 

The couple went down to the beach with Angela dressed for the shots, and camera in hand. 

There, Angela stood on the beach with her back to the sea so that her husband could capture the beautiful backdrop as well as her growing baby bump. 


And then something magical happened. At the exact moment that Dan snapped the photo of his smiling wife with her toes in the sand, a dolphin jumped out of the water behind her. 

“When I took it, I was like, oh my God! Unfortunately, [my wife] totally missed it," Dan said.


People on the beach were excited to see the dolphins, but were only seeing the dorsal fins. Dan went to take another photo of Angela, and the dolphin jumped again at that moment! 

Afterwards, Dan reviewed the two photographs, and decided that he prefered the first jump photo. 

“The dolphin actually jumped twice, but I liked the first jump picture best,” Dan said. “How quickly I forget how magical a dolphin jumping out of the water is! Now I’m picking my favorite jump!”

The couple sent the spectacular photo to their local news channel, News4JAX, who posted the wonderful image to their Instagram page. 

The photo has over 9,000 likes, and hundreds of comments from awestruck followers. 

Not long after the maternity shot was captured, Angela gave birth to a healthy baby boy who the couple named Courtland Thomas.