Nicole Kidman, 50, looks completely unrecognizable as she rocks a very spiky platinum mullet

Apr 06, 2018
06:38 A.M.
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AmoMama brings you details of Nicole Kidman’s latest project and the transformation she took for her new movie. We like changes even if they are temporary! Details came from Daily Mail.

Do you like surprises? Nicole Kidman, even after all her dynamic roles in her acting career is yet again set to surprise fans in her new film, How to Talk to Girls at Parties. The famous 50-year-old actress is to take a very punk-rocky appearance that makes her barely recognizable on camera! It must have taken a whole new transformation for her to do that role.

Together on set with fellow film star, the Hawaii-born 20-year-old actress Elle Fanning, they hope to impress us with their feature. Kidman shall play a punk rock songstress named Queen Boadicea in the upcoming movie.


The film is a romantic comedy featuring teenage punk rocker character named Enn, played by Alex Sharper. He is in love with a beautiful girl, Zan who turns out to be an alien! The role is played by Elle Fanning.

The film is set in London during the golden age of punk rock. Zan is lured by the attraction of the rebellious punk rock lifestyle of Britain, at the time, even as members of her species warn her of imminent danger to her life.

Enn’s and Zan’s feelings are tested when a couple of events lead to an epic punk-versus-aliens face-off. The film is directed by John Cameron Mitchell and based on Neil Gaiman’s novel. The film was shot in Sheffield toward the end of the year   2015. Among the characters in the film is Matt Lucas and Ruth Wilson.


Nicole Kidman, who is wedded to country music star Keith Urban, corresponded with Daily Mail’s Baz Bamigobye when the movie was made public at the Cannes Festival in May 2017.

Nicole Kidman, commenting about her role, said, ‘I think she’s kind of crazy. She’s a diva, punk, female Malcolm McLaren/ Vivienne Westwood. Boadicea would have been a punk goddess in the Seventies!’