One-legged man begged for money. Then police approached and exposed his lie

Apr 06, 2018
08:51 P.M.
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Although living as a broke person in a city can quickly become unsustainable, people can be surprisingly creative to get some money.


Most people in Latin America is already accustomed to seeing hundreds of homeless people begging for money or food, and while many of them need medical assistance, they can't get it.

Many others are the ones who can't get jobs, sometimes due to discrimination, and there are some of them who can actually be useful to society but decide to exploit people's generosity in order to not work at all.

According to El Diario Mexicano, the next video was captured in Brazil. A one-legged homeless man can be seen on the ground with a crouch in his hand, asking everyone for money.

But then, a police officer who was passing by saw the man and got close to him, just to check the situation, and discovered the whole thing was a hoax.


When the officer realized everything was a lie, he started reproaching him, and although he started gently kicking the "missing" leg of the homeless man, he was still playing his part.

Finally, the man who was filming the whole situation, who supposedly was the one who told the police officer, got closer to him and the homeless man showed the hidden leg.

Although he started begging after the lie was finally uncovered, the police officer wasn't willing to hear him and finally took him.

It is unknown if the homeless man will face charges, and while is not sure that he will get jail time, he definitely earned some bad reputation.

The video became viral on Facebook, where it was shared thousands of times across the platform mostly in Latin America.

Thousands of comments on the original post are critiquing the homeless man, and with thousands of people reprimanding his act, he will never forget that day.