Drunk driver runs away from crash, killed a woman and child. Horrified, discovers it's his family

Apr 06, 2018
09:07 P.M.
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Although hit-and-run drivers are spread all over the world these days, this one had the most horrible night he could ever have imagined.


According to Daily Mail, a driver who killed a child and injured a woman to then flee the scene was completely shocked after he was told horrendous news.

The drunk driver, known only by the surname Zhang, escaped the scene quickly after the accident without even realizing he crashed with his wife and child.

The same outlet revealed that the man collided with his wife's electric scooter at night in Zibo, which is in East China's Shandong Province.

And although Zhang's wife and son were both rushed to a nearby hospital, the boy was declared dead after many efforts to revive him failed.


Currently, his wife remains in intensive care. Witnesses of the crash reported seeing an injured woman and child before calling an ambulance and the police. 

Her almost destroyed electric scooter and their young son's shoe were both found and photographed right there in the crash site.


In a video shared by the Shandong provincial police, the man is brought back to the crime scene and shows him devastated after hearing the news.

He Then explained to the authorities that he, his wife, and their son had gone to a relative's home for dinner that night.

While he drove home in his silver van, his wife took their son on the scooter. Unfortunately, he had had too much to drink and crashed into the pair of them on the way home.

He won't ever forget this, but he sure learned his lesson. It's completely irresponsible to drive while drunk, and this man paid the highest price for it.