'Little People, Big World' star Amy Roloff gets candid about her relationship with her boyfriend

Apr 07, 2018
11:22 P.M.
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The reality celeb discussed her new boyfriend and revealed the status of their relationship.


Amy Roloff opened up about her new boyfriend, Chris Marek, and revealed that she is not interested in rushing things with him.

According to Pop Culture, the two got closer shortly after her divorce with her ex-husband, Matt Roloff, in 2016. The two have been dating ever since.

But during last week's season premiere of their hit TLC series, Little People, Big World, Amy revealed that she was not 'diving in headfirst' into the relationship yet.


The 53-year-old star also explained that she had never thought would be dating again as a grandma. She also told how she would like to be in a lifetime relationship again, but 'was not counting on that' with Marek.

"I think what I like about Chis is he likes doing new things and he's adventurous," the source quoted Amy as saying. "I don't really remember doing a lot of that with Matt."


She further revealed that she really enjoyed her time with Marek stating that with his "it's fun" and he has a "ball."

The source also reported that Marek had asked Amy to go paragliding and even suggested that she bring on her sons, Jeremy and Zach.

Marek said that he was really looking forward to getting to know the family better. He said that Amy's sons were great people and he wanted them to be comfortable around him.


He also revealed how he often hangs out at Amy's house, so he wants the children to be okay with the fact and be used to seeing him when they walk in.

Meanwhile, Amy isn't rushing to invite her sons to the paragliding trip. She instead suggested that the two of them should go visit Zach and his wife Tori in their house to meet their new baby.

She explained that it was important for her that Zach and Tori accept Marek as her new boyfriend. Fortunately, after their meeting, Zach admitted that he enjoyed the company of Marek saying that he "seems likes a good guy."