Public pray for the Duke’s speedy and healthy recovery after surgery

Apr 08, 2018
08:42 A.M.
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The fans and supporters of the Royal Family await the update on the health of the Duke of Edinburgh.


96-years-old Prince Phillip was admitted to a London hospital for his long-awaited hip surgery on April 3. According to All Cute All The Time, mobility has been the biggest cause of concern for the Duke of Edinburgh in the recent times.

The source further informed that medical team is hoping for the Prince to make a full recovery before big occasions coming in the British Royal Family. Without a doubt, the public has been praying for the Duke's quick recovery.

Some of the key events that Prince Phillip would most probably hope to attend include the big wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as well as the birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton's third child.


The online source even quoted an insider as revealing that one of the reasons for Prince Harry to rush his wedding sooner is his grandfather, Prince Phillip. The source reported that Harry really wants Phillip to be present at his wedding.


It was further suggested that the wedding is being planned too fast by the royal standards but Prince Harry wants Prince Phillip to be fit and healthy at the wedding.

Prince Phillip is one of the longest-serving members of the British Royal Family. He announced his retirement back in May last year.


Up to that point, he had accomplished over 22,219 individual public engagements, made 5,496 speeches, and 637 solo trips overseas. He kept himself busy in the royal work as much as possible.

He has also maintained a healthy and fit life so far, the source further wrote. However, in recent times, his health has 'started to catch up with him.'

In the past ten days, he has been noticeably absent for three days, which has raised worry signals for many. Although Phillip has officially retired, it is very unlikely for him to miss so many days in such a short duration.