5-year-old girl passed away after being misdiagnosed

Apr 26, 2018
10:57 A.M.
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Doctors have a huge responsibility when treating people, especially children. A wrong diagnosis could be the end of a life.


Terry family suffered a heartbreak when their five-year-old daughter Kycie Jai Terry was misdiagnosed in January 2015, reported Jesus Daily.

Kycie’s mother, Jamie, took her to a doctor when her daughter complained of a painful throat and headache. She assumed that her little girl had come down with a cold or the flu.

The doctors thought on similar lines and diagnosed her with strep throat and put on a regime of antibiotics. 

However, Kycie did not respond to the antibiotics and her condition worsened very quickly.

She was eventually admitted to the Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. There she suffered a major diabetic ketoacidosis and a seizure.


Finally, the doctors realized that the girl was not suffering from strep throat but she was dealing with something much more dangerous. It became all the more dangerous because nobody realized it until that point.

Her blood test results came in and her sugar levels were found to be a staggering 1,148 – nearly ten times a healthy person her age should have.

Her parents, Jamie and Josh, were in a state of shock when they learned that their daughter had been inaccurately diagnosed. They had no idea that their daughter had type 1 diabetes. 


The condition was untreated for five days and the next few months were very difficult for Kycie and her family as the five-year-old battled against her highly debilitating disease.

She was in and out of the hospital over the following months, relearning how to do almost everything. Kycie was in physical therapy learning how to sit up and speak again.

She fought really hard and refused to give up. Her parents continued to support her and also updated her situation on Facebook. Before they realized, over 40,000 people were following their page, sending the family their constant prayers and support.


Unfortunately, Kycie could not make it. She passed away in her father’s lap in July 2015. The family shared the update with everyone who was praying for the little girl’s recovery.

The parents were crushed by their daughter’s demise but decided to make it a mission to document her journey. They hoped to create an awareness about the deadly implications of type 1 diabetes.

Kycie’s death did not go in vain as the family set up a fundraising campaign and raised a whopping $55,000. They also set up a website called kissesforkycie.com where they share their story and offer different resources.