Woman loses 150 pounds by following some simple rules. Now she looks absolutely unrecognizable

Apr 09, 2018
10:06 P.M.
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The woman was tired of how she looked and felt and strived hard to make some changes.


Amanda Wood knew she how hard her journey was going to be in losing weight, but she knew she was determined enough to go through with it.

As shared by Relieved, she weighed 375 pounds at the age of 37. She decided it was time for her to feel good about herself once again.

In 2015, Wood hired a nutritionist to get her going. The nutritionist instructed her to do three things for her to shed off some pounds.


“I follow balanced macros, which for me means that I try to ensure I am getting 35 percent of my calories from carbs, 25 percent of my calories from fat, and 40 percent of my calories from protein,” Wood explained.

Aside from that, she had to do a couple of exercises. Wood also hired a personal trainer to help her come up with the appropriate workout routine.


It wasn’t long until she fell in love and enjoyed exercising every day. In fact, she said that going to the gym is one of her favorite times of the week.

Wood also explained how she made it easier for her to lose weight and get healthy. She said the answer is finding balance. She came up with small goals to make her end goal easier to attain. 


“Five pounds is much more manageable than the 200 pounds.”

Amanda Wood, Relieved, April 3, 2018

She also said that drinking more water is very important in losing weight. Wood even shared that the trick for her was to find the right bottle. It wasn't long before she was consuming four liters of water every day. She said she used to intake only a liter before her weight loss journey.

Within two years, she had lost 150 pounds. Wood claims she has more energy, her self-esteem has boosted, and that she is also much happier.

After her success in obtaining her body now, she encourages other people to not be too hard on themselves.