Twins featured on popular talk show found dead at 33

Apr 09, 2018
09:21 P.M.
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The girls made an appearance on the popular medical talk show years ago to discuss their condition. 


Amanda and Sara Eldritch, twin sisters, were featured on an episode of The Doctors many years ago, but it doesn't seem to have helped them in the long run. 

As reported by Faith Family America, the twin girls suffered from severely crippling OCD. They were found dead together at the age of just 33. 

The Doctors is a show where health experts delve into unique medical conditions. The twins appeared on the show in 2017 over their disorder, and later underwent surgery to help them. 

On Friday, March 30, the sisters were found dead in a parked car in Colorado. They had both been fatally shot. 


“We believe it to be either a suicide pact or a homicide/suicide. It will take ballistic testing to determine,” the local sheriff’s office said in a statement.

This is not the first time Amanda and Sara have attempted to take their own lives. They had also attempted suicide when they were adolescents. It is unclear whether their condition or the surgery had led to their suicidal thoughts. 

It was several days before the news of their deaths was made public, and at this point little is known about the motivation behind their deaths. 


During their appearance on The Doctors, the twins spoke of how they had suffered from the disorder their entire lives, and their mother, Kathy Eldritch, confirmed that they even struggled to put their socks on as toddlers. 

As they got older, they started taking 10-hour long showers. These showers were so long that the water could not drain out of the shower fast enough, and Kathy said it would leak through the floor into the kitchen below. 

While they tried every type of therapy available, nothing seemed to help the girls, and they started to lose friends. 

The surgery was the first thing that had helped to improve the girls' quality of life. They were finally able to bring themselves to leave the house and make friends again.