Cat comes home as usual, but that day she brought her 'special' friend

Apr 09, 2018
11:16 P.M.
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The owners would never have expected what had just walked into their house through the cat flap. 


A cat flap is a rather convenient thing to have in the house if there are pets, both for the humans and those with paws. 

As reported by We Love Animals, a cat flap makes it easy for the animals to come and go from the house as they please. This is also great for their human friends, who don't have to open the door every time the cat wants out. 

Cats are able to wander around outside, play in the grass, and do their business whenever they see fit, and owners don't have to worry about their cats having to be cooped up inside at all times.

But when the house is in a more remote, rural area, other things may also slip through the cat flap unexpectedly. 


That was exactly the case for this family one evening. 

In 1999, this family was home for the evening when their cat decided to return to the house for the night. But after the cat had walked through the flap, they realized that something else was following it in. 

Fortunately, they had had the camera rolling already, and the creature following their cat did not appear to be a particularly dangerous one. 

Lifting the flap gingerly with its head was a baby deer! 

Clattering its way clumsily into the house, the deer seemed quite at home in this stranger's house, and seemed to wander straight up to the people filming him!