Todd Chrisley shares a snap of the gift he received from his granddaughter on his 49th birthday

Monica Otayza
Apr 10, 2018
12:05 A.M.
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Family drama hindered Chloe Chrisley from being a part of their show 'Chrisley Knows Best', but it seems Todd's favorite grandchild is still very close to him, considering they live under the same roof. 


Last year, fans of 'Chrisley Knows Best' noticed the absence of Todd and Julie's granddaughter Chloe from the show despite living with them. 

In a statement released by Todd from Us Weekly, he announced that Chloe is back on the show this year, and the family is very happy with this decision. 


The patriarch of the Chrisley family continued to say how Chloe is their family, and that she is a beautiful child. 

"Chloe is our family, and we are glad that the world gets to see such a beautiful child grow, explore, and come into herself so brilliantly through love and respect."

The reason for Chloe's absence was her father Kyle demanding he be paid due to his daughter being on the show. However, Todd has been the one raising Chloe, with the child even living with them. Since Kyle was threatening to sue the network, they had to pull her off the show. 


Kyle has made it clear that he has decided to cut ties with his family. While he used to be on the show, there has been a lot of family drama between him and his father, and that made him drift away from them. 

In a very lengthy post, Todd Chrisley has shared how their show changed their lives. 

"There are no longer dinners with family in public without interruption, to which we always oblige because we owe that to you. You all helped place us where we are today. Our home has become a tourist attraction to where we can't step outside to grab the mail in our Pajamas because someone is always taking a photo. Men have tried to force themselves into our homes to meet us. They have pulled Grayson from the front door and forced him to take a photo with their child.There was a man trying to abduct savannah from her college. Police have had to get involved for stalking. There have bee lies told about us daily because our name sells papers. Our name causes you to click on stories that are fabricated so they can collect fees for every click you make. There are people claiming to know us that we have never met. There are fake accounts being made to lure fans to that page thinking its us."


"Yet, through all this and so much more, we continue to rise above. We tell the truth about our lives and will continue to do so.And all because we want everyone to know that we are just like YOU. We have the same issues in our lives that all of you have. We struggle with family friction. We have struggled with addiction, betrayal, heartbreak, shame, fear and financial setbacks but we did it together. We can fight amongst each other but we will fight anyone together to protect our family, just as you would. We are NOT better than anyone. We are all the same in Gods eyes. We are not perfect nor do we claim to be;,but my commitment to you is that I will continue to grow, lead, feel, and embrace change while standing steadfast in my convictions of what truly matters to me and that is faith, family,equality and compassion for all mankind.With love and a heart full of gratitude.Todd"


It seems it isn't just Todd and Julie who love their daughter however, and that love seems to be reciprocal in the side of Chloe. 

For Todd's birthday, Chloe made a handmade card for her grandfather which he has decided was the best birthday card ever. 

"This is the absolute best birthday card ever , I am truly so blessed ..Love you to the moon and back Chlobug.."