Famous athlete gives terminally-ill girl the 'perfect night'. What a great act

Apr 10, 2018
12:51 A.M.
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The sweet gesture touched hearts and gave a thousand memories to the family in pain.


Liftable reported that a school dance was moved for a teenager who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. However, she had a surprise waiting for her.

15-year-old Hannah Rye was in the hospital fighting Ewing’s sarcoma cancer. She was in for a big surprise when Newcastle Knights rugby club’s Trent Hodkinson visited her and spent some time with her.

It was a dream come true for Hannah, who is a huge fan of the club, to meet a player from the team. 

She was in remission for some time. However, she received some devastating news from her doctors. 

They told her that her cancer was terminal and that they could not do anything about it. All they could do was make sure the rest of Hannah’s life was as memorable as possible.


Her school decided to move up a formal to allow Hannah to be part of the celebrations. Expectedly, she was excited for the day and spent time planning for the event.

Little did she know that there was another surprise in store for Hannah. Rugby player Hodkinson was going to attend the formal with her.

He arrived at Hannah’s house to find her in complete disbelief. The two rode to the dance together. There was also a cake the two cut in the presence of her classmates.


For many professional athletes, it is not just their performance in games that matter. They are also great human beings off the field and that is what makes a person liked by others.

Hodkinson spends a good amount of his time doing charity work and the Newcastle Knights rugby club is lucky to have him on their roster. He is generous and devotes a lot of time hanging out with children.

The evening turned out to be better than what the teenager could have ever imagined. She had a perfect date for the evening.

Her mother, Racheal Rye, said, “It was absolutely a magical moment when Trent turned up with a big bunch of flowers at our house. A perfect night.”

Things will definitely change for the young girl and her family. However, they are doing all that they can do to enjoy the time they have with each other. Hodkinson has provided them a great start.