Grandpa hands $2,300 to a Walmart cashier. But woman refuses to wire it to his 'grandson'

Apr 10, 2018
04:33 A.M.
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Unlike other store associates, this cashier refused to help a customer.


AWM reported that Cecil Rogers wanted to wire $2,300 to his grandson when he was stopped by cashier Audrella Taylor.

If one walks into a store with thousands of dollars to spend, any store associate would help the person as much as they could.

But an elderly man, Cecil Rogers, had a different experience at a local Walmart store where he entered to spend all his cash.

In fact, he was saved by the person behind the checkout counter - the store associate did not want him to lose all his hard-earned money.

Taylor decided to stop the senior citizen from wiring the money and refused to take the cash from him.


The incident took place around Christmas when Rogers’ was preparing to spend the holidays with his family and grandchildren. They were coming over to his Elmwood Place home.

However, one fine day, Rogers received a call from someone claiming to be his grandson. It was not good news on the phone as the person, claiming to be his oldest grandson, said he was in trouble.


The “grandson” told Rogers that he had gotten into a car accident and hit a pregnant woman’s car. He was being held in jail as he was charged with drunk driving.

After he spoke to his grandfather, a lawyer came on the phone and requested Rogers to wire $2,300 to pay the bond. He had to do so at his local Walmart store.

Obviously, Rogers was horrified. Not wanting his grandson to be in any sort of trouble, he gathered all the money he had and headed to his local Walmart to wire the cash.

The gullible senior citizen would have been the latest victim of a scam but was saved by an unlikely hero. The store associate at Walmart heard the reason Rogers was wiring the money and refused to let him do it.


Audrella Taylor was suspicious the moment she heard the story. Rogers tried to persuade her to wire the money telling her how his grandson was in jail and need the cash for his bail.

However, she was firm and said that she was not going to let him send the money because she thought he was being scammed.

Taylor requested him to call his grandchildren and ask if they were in jail. He did as she instructed and learned that there had been no accident whatsoever. 

The store associate’s suspicions were confirmed when she found out that the boy’s mother, Rogers’ daughter, had not been contacted at all. He knew the police would contact the boy’s mother first.

Walmart Manager, Dominic Gross, praised Taylor’s heroism and congratulated her. He is now training all cashiers to keep an eye open for potential scams and to spot them before they happen.