Original 'Charlie's Angel' star Jaclyn Smith is 72 and she looks dazzling

Apr 11, 2018
01:06 A.M.
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The Charlie's Angels actress has been through plenty of battles in her life, but now has solid advice for others. 


Jaclyn Smith may be 72 years old, but she looks just as good as she did when as one of the Angels in the 1970's. Having fought against not only the bad guys, Smith has enough life experience to know how to live a good one. 

As reported by Live Strong, Smith has maintained an active lifestyle into her 70's, running her own apparel and home decor business, looking after her family life, and beating back cancer. 

The actress was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, and admits that just the mention of the word had her suddenly much more aware of her own health and mortality. 

Fortunately, she was able to fight it off, and has adopted an incredibly healthy lifestyle in recent years. 


The most important thing to the actress is her family: her husband Brad, and her children Gaston and Spencer Margaret. Spencer Margaret has recently added a member to the family in the form of her daughter, Bea. 

Smith also places plenty of focus on fitness. Having undergone a partial knee replacement, she is conscious that she needs to strengthen the muscles in her leg to keep her mobility. 

“I am doing Pilates every day, something I used to do and then went into another form of exercising. Pilates was designed by a dancer who had been injured it's just an amazing way to work out … it’s part of my routine,” she said


She is also not alone in her pilates workouts, as her husband also believes in the form of exercise. 


For Smith, it is important that her body is functional, especially now that she is a grandmother, as she wants to be able to pick up and play with little Bea without difficulty. 

She also supplements her exercise with vitamins and other natural remedies, such as tumeric and apple cider vinegar. 

Not only does Smith swear by exercise as a way to keep her body intact, but she also believes in the strong powers it has in restoring the health and wellbeing of the mind. 

While Smith is a healthy eater, she doesn't believe in dieting. Her focus is more on just maintaining a healthy eating plan with healthy, fresh produce that is devoid of hormones and antibiotics. 


Although she mostly eats healthy, she also enjoys junk food. 

“I still have my desserts at dinner. Hamburgers and pizza — I am not going to give that up! And my gummy bears! I love candy!”

Even at the age of 72, Smith is still very active in terms of working. 

“Work keeps me stimulated, challenged and rejuvenated. Work keeps me young, happening and relevant. My children respect me for working and are proud that I do work still," she explained. 


But Smith also believes strongly in the importance of balance, and having time off to one's self. 

She is also involved in a number of charities, such as AbilityFirst, and an annual Day of Beauty event with City of Hope Hospital. 

“It’s very important to give back. As a celebrity, you have that opportunity because people already feel they know you. If they have watched you, they trust you and will open themselves up,” she said.