Girl doesn’t recognize she’s sitting next to the musician whose songs she’s listening to

Apr 11, 2018
03:13 P.M.
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This young girl was listening to music on a plane trip, and only later did she realized who had been sitting next to her. 


When Alicia sat down in her seat on a plane, she never could have imagined what would unfold. The youngster was listening to music, and the man next to her happened to see what it was she was listening to. 

What she did not realize, was that the man was actually the artist whose music she was listening to! 

As reported by Bored Panda, Dotan, the 31-year-old Dutch singer-songwriter, decided not to openly tell the girl who he was when they struck up a conversation. Instead, he took to Twitter to live-tweet the experience. 

Dotan started chatting to Alicia, who had been listening to his entire album, and quickly realized she had no idea who he was. 


Keeping his followers in the loop, he informed them that it was both quite nice and a bit awkward, since she had asked him what he did for a living. He opted to tell her that he writes music, without admitting she was listening to it. 

He was quite amused that she still wasn't connecting the dots. 


Dotan then realized that she might follow him on Twitter, and decided to tweet her a greeting that she would likely only see later. Helga van Leur, a follower, then suggest he leave her with a note to open when she got home.

Fadua CDdelC suggested he start singing along as well, a suggestion he vetoed because of his current location: a plane full of people. 

Dotan had already decided not to tell her on the plane, but was also considering just allowing her to find out via Twitter later. 


Fadua then thought it might be clever for Dotan to answer all Alicia's questions with song lyrics, hoping that it would help her to realize who he was. 

Alicia continued to ask Dotan questions about himself, including whether her writes music in English or Dutch and if he enjoys live music. 

In turn, he asked her how she had discovered the music she had been listening to, and she confessed she had stumbled upon it watching her favorite television show, and that it brought her comfort and peace. 

Then things got even weirder for Dotan. With just half an hour left on the flight, Alicia actually made him listen to his own music! 


When the plane finally landed, Dotan took to Twitter to update his followers, saying that he had given her a note as he had disembarked, not wanting to embarass her in any way. 

While it may have been a strange experience, Dotan also felt that it was a massive compliment, and that it had motivated him to keep going. 

He obviously left Alicia his email address on the note, because she wrote him a long letter to apologize for not recognizing him, which she aptly titled: "Apologies | Epic fail."