Carrie Underwood shares a new photo of her face with a health update after serious injury

Manuela Cardiga
Apr 11, 2018
10:47 A.M.
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In November 2017, Carrie Underwood suffered an accident that left her with 40 stitches in her face


Today, the 11th of April 2018 is the date Carrie Underwood released her new single, Cry Pretty, and she is showing fans her face, five months after a freak accident at her own home left her with a broken wrist and severe lacerations to her face that required 40 to 50 stitches to repair.

According to the Inquisitr, Underwood had been reported as saying that she was "not quite looking the same" after her accident, but that was feeling a lot better.

Shortly after New Year, the singer had major surgery on her face after falling on the steps outside her home after co-hosting the CMA Awards.

Underwood shared the official artwork for her brand new single on her social media pages, accompanied by a recent promotional photo that showed her with glitter running down her face like tears.


“My face has been healing pretty nicely as well. I definitely feel more like myself than I have in a while.”

Carrie Underwood, Inquisitr11th of April 2018

Underwood confided that her wrist is almost back to normal, and has recovered close to 90% of its strength and mobility and that she has been reassured by medical authorities that the remaining 10% will be restored by physiotherapy, and 'time'.

Underwood, who started her meteoric singing career as a winner of the talent show The American Idol in 2004, has told fans and friends that the positive outcome of her injury was that the forced rest required by her recovery had her spending more time with husband, Mike Fisher, and her son, Isaiah.


Underwood hinted that her new single Cry Pretty, may have autobiographical undertones and refer to her experience following her injury.

She has revealed that the single will be followed by her sixth studio album, her first since Storyteller which was released in 2015.

Underwood has sold more than 65 million records worldwide and is the top-selling country artist of all-time.